King of Coffee
King of Coffee


Gano healthy coffee is improving the health for millions of people with a mushroom extract to the coffee. The ganoderma extract has numerous health benefits which include disease prevention and high increases of energy, with new discoveries all the time.

People in Asian countries are experiencing higher levels of health and lower levels of heart disease, cancer and strokes because of an ingredient that is found in healthy coffee. The ganoderma mushroom is the ingredient i am speaking of. This ingredient is used daily in cooking all over china. The ganoderma mushroom has more that 200 active compounds in it that helps stop disease.

Another benefit of our gano healthy coffee is that it is lower in caffeine that other coffee. It is low in acid which makes it easy on the stomach.

The ganoderma Reishi mushroom has been a natural remedy for several ailments including the thinning of blood which helps with hypertension and of course high blood pressure and the strengthening of your immune system, which is very essential to a healthy lifestyle.

Since the ganoderma extract is a key ingredient in all healthy coffee products, this is a very good reason to change your existing coffee and tea habits. The ganoderma coffee ingredient is a natural ingredient and many studies show that it reduces the for food during the day.

Now, with real naturally low in caffeine coffee as the delivery method, coffee drinkers all over the world are able to enjoy the benefits of this Reishi, with their morning, afternoon and evening cup of coffee and enjoy both great flavor and better health and the same energy boost they expect from a regular caffeinated coffee.

Say good bye to jitters and those sleepless nights, now you can get the boost you need the healthy way with great tasting Brazilian Arabica coffee blend and enriched with the "King of Herbs" called Ganoderma Lucidum

If you want to take a step toward better health, gano healthy coffee is the way to go it is readily available online with many testimonials and reviews so stop by our order page and get yours today.

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Lingzhi or Reishi

In Cantonese,"Lingzhi or Reishi",is the name for one of the mush- rooms Ganoderma Lucidum.

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King of Coffee

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A truly healthy gourmet coffee latte. Packed with nutrition for the 100 percent Organic Ganoderma Lucidum
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King of Coffee

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