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In discussing the benefits of healthy coffee, we are discussing Ganoderma coffee, otherwise known as Gano healthy coffee. It is important to consider both anecdotal benefits and those determined as a result of scientific research. Many claim coffee to be harmful and point to a lack of caffeine causing 'morning shakes' as being indicative of the problems that coffee can cause.

However, there is a world of difference between drinking coffee moderately for pleasure and drinking to excess, just as many people enjoy a glass of vintage port or brandy, not to mention a beautiful wine, without drinking a bottle or two daily and doing themselves immeasurable harm. One cannot compare the harm caused by massive overindulgence with the benefits of healthy coffee drinking where up to 4 or 5 cups daily is a maximum.

Not only that, but ganoderma coffee is a low caffeine form of coffee, containing the Chinese mushroom Ganoderma Lucidum. This supports the immune system1 and is very highly antioxidant2: considerably more so than the coffee bean extract itself. It helps to detoxify your body and can help to reduce the effects of high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and inflammation. Those suffering from AIDS and HIV frequently take it to help maintain as healthy an immune system as their condition will allow.

healthy coffee graphic Apart from these special benefits offered by ganoderma, the typical American diet is generally lacking in the highly antioxidant colored vegetables and fruits, and it is said that most get their antioxidant intake by drinking coffee. However, that is not the only reason for coffee providing the majority of these polyphenols that are so important in your diet.

They not only cause you to age prematurely, but also give rise to a condition known as atherosclerosis that causes heart attacks and strokes due to arterial blockage. However, the benefits of healthy coffee drinking extend far beyond just its antioxidant properties, and what was once considered to be a health risk has now been shown to offer very important health benefits.

It has been postulated that a healthy ganoderma coffee intake is three to five regular cups/day, and any more than that can have a negative effect. It should, however, be taken as part of a healthy diet and exercise is also necessary in order to maintain good health. Drinking ganoderma coffee alone will not make you healthy, but it can reduce the chances of you suffering from certain conditions.

Liver function is of extreme importance to all mammals including humans, because your liver is your body's chemical processing and detoxification plant. It is in your liver that many of the enzymes and other molecules needed for life are formed, and your liver also detoxifies you from poisons such as heavy metals, excess acetominophen (paracetamol) and other drugs and toxins that are ingested into your digestive system.

Studies have shown that coffee drinkers tend to suffer fewer liver problems such as alcoholic and non-alcoholic induced cirrhosis4 and also of certain types of cancer1,5. A Scandinavian study, reported in Science Daily in 20096, indicated that those drinking coffee in moderation were less likely to develop dementia than those "drinking no or little coffee", and another claimed that healthy coffee drinking could also help protect people from developing Alzheimer's disease in later life7.

From these studies it is obvious that ganoderma coffee has been subject to a large number of health investigations in an attempt to determine whether or not drinking it is an addictive and harmful activity, or whether it indeed offers the health benefits claimed for it. There is an increasing amount of evidence now being upturned that tends to suggest that there are a number of benefits of healthy coffee drinking in moderation at around 4 -5 cups per day.

healthy coffee graphic1 Drinking coffee therefore appears to offer a number of health benefits, not only from its antioxidant properties, but also from its effect on certain health conditions such as those above and some others. Among the latter is that caffeinated coffee appears to reduce the risk of gallstones and diseases of the gall bladder in both men and women. There is also a suggestion that coffee drinking can reduce the tendency of those susceptible to suffer Type 2 diabetes8.

Irrespective of these benefits claimed, not only by ganoderma coffee lovers but also by serious researchers seeking the truth, the anecdotal evidence in favor of drinking coffee is overwhelming, and few report that moderate coffee drinking does them harm. Certainly, it can be addictive and many people cannot get going in the morning without a good shot of caffeine, but not everybody drinks coffee to excess.

While many will contest the benefits of healthy coffee drinking, the evidence is overwhelmingly in favor - not only for those examples above but also for more, such as its effect on gout, on Parkinson's disease and on its cardioprotective properties. It is not often that so many benefits are attributed to a pastime that so many love, and these are two facts that certainly cannot be refuted: that drinking ganoderma coffee is a pleasure for those that do so and is also a very common social pastime.

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Lingzhi or Reishi

In Cantonese,"Lingzhi or Reishi",is the name for one of the mush- rooms Ganoderma Lucidum.

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