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history of coffee The history of coffee experts are going to summerise coffee's history in the paragraphs below, so sit back and enjoy.

Coffee is probably one of the most popular drinks today. There are none as famous as coffee. Coffee is the best source of caffeine except for the new energy drinks that are being developed today. You can get them in a variety of places today such as resturants.

The history of coffee can only be tracked to more than a thousand years back, a relatively short period of time compared to alcohol, which have been consumed since before time, and tea, which goes back to over a thousand years BC. Despite all of this, coffee has spread throughout the whole world as a most popular drink of choice. A look at the history of coffee will to show how it became so widespread and popular.

African Origins

The history of coffee begins sometime probably around the 9th century, with origins in Ethiopia as a drink. The legend of coffee says that Ethiopian herders noticed that their goats were especially perky after eating the berries of a certain bush, and thus got the idea to consume it as a stimulant themselves. Coffee probably had already been developed as a drink by the 9th century as a result of the cultivation of plants. From Ethiopia, the drink spread to North Africa, and Egypt.

Middle Eastern Success

Introducing coffee to Egypt made it very accessible to ports with trade to the rest of the Middle East, where coffee was becoming a popular drink by the 1500s. Shortly after it was introduced, the Muslim authorities placed a ban on the drink due to its stimulant properties it had. But much like prohibition in the US, the ban on coffee didn't last very long and was later rescinded. During this point in history, though, tight controls on such a commodity were in place. Though coffee in its roasted form began to be exported to Italy and other European Nations, unroasted seeds and plants were strickly forbidden to be exported.

Colonization and Coffee

This control over the export of coffee plants didn't last for very long. This period of the history of coffee ended when Dutch traders smuggled coffee seeds out of the Middle East in the 1600s, where it was planted on the island of Java, which is still a major exporter of coffee today and also shares its name with a nickname for the drink. Interestingly enough, as coffee plants spread to other European colonies, another century into the coffee history , in the 1700s, the plant was smuggled to Brazil, which is still the largest exporter of the popular drink.

Coffee in America

The history of coffee in the U.S. follows that of early wars. Introduced there in the 1700s, coffee's popularity didn't take off until the Revolutionary War, when tea was very scarce and colonists turned to other drinks. The drink again gained in popularity during the war of 1812 for like reasons.

But the time when the history of java developed to where it was an American fixture seems to be during the Civil War, when demand was high enough that it became cemented as a beverage in many American houses. Through colonization and wars, the history seems to follow that of the history of people, and its widespread popularity throughout the world shows that it is truly an international wonder.

Hopefully the sections above have contributed to your understanding of where coffee comes from. Share your new understanding about the exciting history of coffee with others. They'll thank you for it

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